About us

Serving the Chicagoland community for over 25 years

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive & integrated Social Services to the Immigrant population of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East & European countries. These services include but are not limited to educate, counsel, assist & empower individuals & families to become productive members in their new home.


We were incorporated as a Not-for-Profit, Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) organization in 1993 with a mission to provide comprehensive and integrated services to the community at large. MAFS is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic organization and has, at its core, a commitment to educate, assist and empower the immigrant community to adjust to life in the United States and become productive members of society instead of dependent on government aid. To achieve this we have initiated many educational programs such as English literacy and computer training. Through our basic etiquette sessions in dressing, speaking and resume writing we have touched and changed many lives. MAFS is a true example of how collaborative efforts can come together to better serve our community by connecting members to various service providers according to their individual needs. MAFS helps weave through state, federal and local rules & regulations in order to find a solution that matches a particular individual’s unique problems and circumstances. Through our transparent operation we have accomplished success in performing our duties more diligently and stringently. Starting from Des Plaines in a one room office in 1992, MAFS has now expanded its services to Chicago, Niles, Naperville, Carol Stream, Schaumburg, Vernon Hills, Orland Park, Elgin, Roselle and Northlake. Our service centers are open for all who are in need.

Metropolitan Asian Family Services has been a beacon of hope to immigrant populations in the United States for over 23 years. Our services reach over 10,000 individuals and family members each year. Through programs like Public Benefits, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, Adult English Literacy, Obamacare Assistance, Senior Counseling, Immigration and Citizenship Assistance, Translation and Interpretation, Computer Literacy and Transportation we touch the lives of Illinois’ most in need immigrant communities. Unfortunately, this year, we are facing significant and substantial cuts to all social service programs which, in turn, are jeopardizing the lives of people who depend on these services for their very survival. Adult English Literacy, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, CPR education, and our medical research studies have been recently suspended leaving countless community members with no hope. While other social service agencies have laid off staff or closed their doors, MAFS continues to remain operational. Our services are crucial to our community’s successful transition into a new home and a new culture here in America. We believe you can assist us in this struggle to sustain programs of welfare to the community. Your donations and contributions matter. Please join hands with us by actively contributing your time to help us continue to touch the lives of so many and continue to keep our doors open to help all those in need.